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Dome Wood

Dome Wood

The Campaign (Extended)

at Waldburger Wouters, Brussels

Rectangle Extended is a temporary billboard currently situated in Waldbuger Wouters Gallery’s backyard. With those iterations Rectangle aims to reactivate previous projects in a new and specific context, enabling their dissemination like afterimage.

The Campaign exhibition of Dome Wood represents his reflections about what reality is and how our mind perceives it. We are not living just in the three dimensions that we see but we are immersed in the fourth dimension. The Artificial Meditation Centre is a way to focus and encourage reflections on this condition and relate to our mind and spirit. This practice seeks to provide a way to find a balance and reach awareness of people’s own centre of autonomous power.

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The project is displayed alongside the opening of the group show at Waldbuger Wouters with Isabelle Andriessen & Isabelle Cornaro


Artificial Meditation Center Autonomous Power


The Campaign (Extended) at Waldburger Wouters, Brussels

Dome Wood, Portrait

Dome Wood
Born in 1974 Melbourne, Australia
Lives and works in Brussels.