Brussels Gallery Weekend, 2019

Brussels Gallery Weekend
Opening Thursday 5 September 2019, 5–9 pm
6 September – 8 September 2019, 11–7 pm
Vanderborght Building, Brussels

DOME WOOD, The Campaign, 2019
Courtesy Rectangle and the Artist, Brussels
DOME WOOD, The Campaign, 2019
Courtesy Rectangle and the Artist, Brussels
DOME WOOD, The construction of the subject to object from 0 to 4 dimensional space.
2019, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 120 cm
DOME WOOD, Conscuiousness in connection with itself as other becomes localised in 3 dimensions.
2019, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 120 cm
DOME WOOD, The mind hypercubed to 4 dimensioal space becomes non-local to 3dimensional

2019, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 120 cm
DOME WOOD, Artificial Meditation Centre for Autonomous Power: The Campaign.
2019, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 120 cm
Dome Wood, The Campaign, Brussels Gallery Weekend, 2019
Dome Wood, The Campaign, Brussels Gallery Weekend, 2019
DOME WOOD, Exhibition view The Campaign, Brussels Gallery Weekend, 2019

Dome Wood
Born in 1974 in Australia. Lives and works in Brussels.

The Campaign exhibition of Dome Wood represents his reflections about what reality is and how our mind perceives it. We are not living just in the three dimensions that we see but we are immersed in the fourth dimension. The Artificial Meditation Centre is a way to focus and encourage reflections on this condition and relate to our mind and spirit. This practice seeks to provide a way to find a balance and reach awareness of people’s own centre of autonomous power. 

I guess if Dome Wood had to start somewhere to explain what reality is, he would begin by discussing dimensions.
It sounds obvious that we live in a three-dimensional space. Length, height and width at first glance certainly don’t warrant a closer inspection.
But if you start to scratch at it you’ll find that it gets interesting. First of all, our materiality exists only in the three dimensions. Although we can understand mono or bi- dimensional reality, we can’t actually interact with it. We can conceptualise what a line is, a one dimensional thing, or a plane, a two-dimensional thing, but as soon as we try to grasp at it, we have to trace it and make it three dimensional.
Now let’s take this slightly further, see if it sticks.
In order to contemplate an overview of one dimension, you must be functioning one dimension higher.
If you were existing in one dimension as on a line, while being able to move along said line in one dimension, you would only be able to perceive things in zero dimension (a point on the line).
If you were existing in two dimensions – as on a plane – while being able to move in those dimensions, you would only be able to map your trajectories in one dimension, along a line. However, because you can move in two dimen- sions, there could form the ability to know that what you perceive is also in two dimensions. To be able to perceive two dimensions, you would have to elevate to three dimensions. By logical progression – moving to three dimensions – a two dimensional plane can be perceived but not a three- dimensional object.
It therefore stands to reason that there is something on
a higher dimension that is perceiving the three-dimensional reality we inhabit for us. This could have many names, Dome calls it Mind.
Mind is our immaterial essence that guides and makes sense of the universe for our three-dimensional “meat suit”. The human brain is the first thing that has been able to conceptualise this higher dimension. It has invented religions, sciences and taxonomies in order to gain insights on its surroundings and its relationship to this posited superior dimension.
Dome’s model of everything doesn’t only go up to the dimension superior to the one we interact with. It also goes back down. All the way to what is underneath the first dimension, nothingness. This he calls the Void.
Before there was something, there was nothing. Simple enough, right?

However, since everything emanated out of this nothing,
it must have been there, present in the form of a potential. Everything that will, would, could, shall ever exist in all the dimensions, is already present in this Void as a potentiality.
This guiding potential, this Force that bares the promise of everything, that materialises reality, that pushes us ever further in our present, it is inside of you and you can harness it. By getting in touch with it, you can feel your way to the
next dimension, gently approach Mind residing out of touch. Start to conceptualise the fact that you really reside on a higher plane and that all the good and the bad that happens to you in your three-dimensional reality doesn’t define you. You are higher and independent of your successes and failures. This helps you relativize them and keeps you centred in your interactions with life and other human beings. Become a better human being. Become the one whom
we can rely on in the toughest moments. Become detachment and empathy. Find a harmony with destiny. Trust your Autonomous Power and let It lead you towards your ever forming present.
Be part of the Artificial Meditation Centre for Autonomous Power.
This is what Dome Wood would say.

Text by Damien Desamory

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